Sunday, May 4, 2014

Twitter Thinking

I am not a social network power user. I confess to doing a bit of lurking on my wife’s Facebook account. I do have a LinkedIn account, but the main thing I do with it is accept others’ invitations. Maybe some of you can tell me how to better use it.

I know nothing about Instagram though I have an app for it on my phone, and have no interest in something call Pinterst. However, there is one site I go to daily and that is Twitter. It has taken me some time to find people to follow who give me good food for thought; along the way I some how have accumulated over 500 followers.  

Today I want to share with you a few gems that have come my way and a couple of recent tweets I have added that grew out out of my own concerns. I pray something here will lead you in a good direction, and maybe even cause you to search for some tweeters of your own,
This is one of the reasons I follow Christ. I don’t want to be larger-than-life. Rather, I want my life to be part of something larger.

Shane Claiborne@ShaneClaiborne

Faith and good works go together like blades of scissors, 1 w/out the other is useless. 

Works don't earn salvation, they demonstrate it.

We do not condemn, or ignore, or look down on sinners. We feel sorry for what they are missing out on.

True worship is simply delight in God; it does not love being right about God or competing with others to show God honor; it just loves God.

If Christians should fight in a just war, which Christians in Ukraine are in the right to kill other Christians?

What does "Love your enemy" mean right now for Ukrainian Christians? What does it mean to go the way of the cross?

Jonathan Martin @renovatuspastor

The lamb doesn't win in Revelation because He has bigger weapons, but because no weapon can prosper against the power of sacrificial love.

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  1. nice Tom. I am not a Twitter person at all but I enjoyed those spiritual nuggets. I love the new website for disciples books, I hope more authors will join the company.