Sunday, August 3, 2014

5,500 miles; 15 years

On Monday, we drove four hours for a rendezvous with our daughter and her husband. They offered two possible places for dinner. Having made our choice, we drove about seven minutes to our destination. 

As I waited for the others to cross a busy street, I noticed a person dressed a bit differently, but soon forgot what I had observed as we enjoyed our meal. Back in the van, we headed down the street to find a frozen treat, but once again, we saw this young woman, and we moved on.

The next day our son-in-law left for a quick trip to visit family, and we went out for coffee with our daughter. Sitting near a window, we looked out and saw the same young lady yet again. This time our daughter did a double take and felt she might be recognizing the face of someone she met nearly 15 years ago when the girl was a resident in a Romanian orphans home. A few minutes on the computer looking at  old photos seemed to confirm this, but by now the girl was gone.

But maybe 10 minutes later, there she was again on the sidewalk outside the window. This time, after her mom’s encouragement,  Amy pursued her to ask her name. Yes, it was the little girl that Amy first met all those years ago 5,500 miles away. She had once again fallen on some tough times, and welcomed the three hugs Amy gave her. A couple of pictures were taken, phone numbers were exchanged, and later in the day, the young woman was having a hour-long conversation with old friends who could reconnect her with hope.

Amazing series of coincidences? Or does God just not give up? “Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!” (Isaiah 49:15)


  1. That is remarkable Tom! No I don't think God ever gives up.

  2. It was an amazing experience! And one that I'm glad I got to share with my parents. The only thing that made me think that it might be the little girl I knew was that she has been adopted by people in Louisville. It was a long shot when I followed her to ask her name, but I'm so glad I did! Thanks for writing about this, Dad.

  3. Thanks for sharing this experience, it is very inspiring!!