Monday, September 1, 2014

In the Air of His Loyalty

For I am ever aware of your faithfulness,
And your loyalty continually motivates me. (Psalm 26:3, NET Bible)
The NET Bible is the only translation done primarily to be accessed through the Internet. It also may have the most extensive footnotes of any translation. If you click on the footnote to the second line of this passage, you learn that the Hebrew more literally says “I walk about in your loyalty.”
I find that a most intriguing and arresting phrase. The psalmist seems to to be thinking that we function “under a dome,” if you will, filled with the loyalty of God. Whatever life brings us, whether we walk to left or to the right, whether we have to go up or down, we move around in the fine air of the loyalty of God.
I wrote that paragraph several days ago. By the time I was ready to fine tune and complete this piece, I was in the middle of a frustrating moment involving a jammed printer much needed because I was trying to get something ready for my wedding anniversary. After a full hour spent, I couldn’t clear the jam and could not print what I needed.
Earlier that morning I had done something I don't often do, though it is a very good idea. I had set my phone to go off every hour, so I would stop and take five minutes to spiritually focus. As I heard the tone at 11 o'clock, I stopped to just be quiet. The phrase “I walk about in your loyalty” quickly came to mind.

God's grace was evident. I made the decision that I was not going to let an annoying malfunction control my heart--not when we were about to celebrate forty-five years of walking through life together in the air of God’s love and loyalty.

By the way, a few minutes later, I made one last attempt, and the paper jam was cleared.

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  1. Happy Anniversary Tom and Sheila. God is faithful and so must we be. Thanks Tom for your faithful Monday moments.