Sunday, November 9, 2014

God Has Not Given You Too Much (Trouble)

This is a Mind Change Moment Encore from 2007

She has suffered from so many debilitating and challenging physical problems that you need a scorecard to keep track. Her battle with diabetes caused her to lose her vision. She had kidney failure, regular dialysis and finally a kidney transplant. She has had at least two surgeries for cancer. Her schedule for doctors’ appointments in a month sounds like a fulltime job. Her husband has good health and a career, but is at her side when not working, and he empathizes and suffers vicariously with her.

But then as I say that it doesn’t sound quite right to use the word “suffers” in regard to them. I know it is an accurate description of things they must feel, but together they face their trials with such faith and humor, that it is not the first thing you think of when you picture them. They are such encouragers, always thinking of others. They scheme for ways to strengthen those who face challenges.

In my book, Mind Change, Power Thought #29 reads:
God has not given
you too much.
If there is something you have to
face, you can face it.
If there is something you must
overcome, you can overcome it.
To paraphrase C.S. Lewis:
”When something must be done, there is no use talking
about whether or not it can be done.”
        It looks like these two followers of Jesus have an unfair and unmanageable load. But they show us that “God has not given too much” and that living a live of love is something they can still happily do.


  1. Wow! I'm convicted! I often complain about how busy I am with school, work, and family that I don't spend enough time with disciples. This blog just showed me that no matter what the situation (i.e. health, busy schedule, etc.) God puts in my life that I should be reaching out to the lost or spending time with disciples.

  2. Thank you for choosing this encore. Last week I had a huge setback in the grief recovery process I am currently going through and had all but lost my bearings. I have been praying for something to hold onto. This is it. Thank you!

  3. Holding onto Jesus and Gods love and grace is the best anchor for the soul. I thank God that I do not have chronic pain will my disease but I know so many who do have pain. May God give us all the strength to endure and to overcome. As you say Tom, "Heaven is only full of overcomers."

  4. This is very encouraging, God does not give us more than we can handle, I say it to so many people. I now need to believe it. Father help me overcome my unbelief.