Sunday, February 8, 2015

Raising the Bar

She is in her mid-seventies, is legally blind, walks unsteadily with a cane, has a myriad of medical problems and is an encouragement powerhouse. She is to encouragement what LaBron James is to basketball and what Peyton Manning is to football and what the widow at the temple is to giving. She sets the pace and raises the bar.
She may be in pain, she may have three doctors’ appointments this week or she may have trouble working out a ride to an assembly, but no complaining you hear. Instead you are greeted with a big smile and are often told how many things she has to be thankful for or how faithful God is in working even through problems. Of course, before one of those, she may be genuinely asking “And how are you doing?” and then really listening.

Joseph was renamed Barnabas because he was considered the son of encouragement. We could rename Jill the daughter of encouragement. Such people must have the gift mentioned in Romans 12:8. But why are some given this gift or any gift? Is it so they can take care of this or that area so we don’t have to? No, it is so we might learn from them and see them as a model for us.

Many read this weekly column to get some help in facing their own challenges. That is just fine. But this week, I am urging you to find the Barnabases and the Jills around you and imitate their way of life even if you don’t yet have all the solutions you are looking for.


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