Monday, April 6, 2015

Play YourTrump Card

 What follows are thoughts I first posted seven years ago, but I find I need a reminder and maybe some of you do as well.

According to The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, here is the definition of a trump card: “the suit designated as having precedence over the others. In general, it is something capable of making a decisive difference when used at the right moment” as in ‘The prosecutor played her trump card by calling a surprise witness.’”

There have been more than a few times in my life when I did not like the hand I was dealt. It looked like there were too many things against me, and I found my unreliable emotions taking a dip. But in those times, I have learned something. I have learned that God has given us the ultimate trump card.

Without using the term, I think I was getting at this in several of the power thoughts in my book, Mind Change.

Number 13 says, “Relax. Your God Reigns.” Number 15 says, “In all things God works for your good.”  Number 19 says “ Be ‘unreasonably,’ ‘illogically’ joyful because your name is written in heaven.”

You see no matter what hand we are dealt, how ugly it looks, or how challenging it feels, God still reigns. He is still at work for our good, and we can still rejoice because our names are written in heaven, no matter how illogical such joy might appear to someone looking at us in our trial.

If the hand you are dealt looks pretty crummy and your enemy, the devil,  across the table thinks he has you, just remember that you have something from God capable of making a decisive difference. Use it in those defining moments. Play your  trump card.


  1. Thank you Tom! You are always an example to me !

  2. Thank you! How easy it is to forget.

  3. Hey tom! Thanks always for your encouragement and teaching! However, can you clarify your scripture references? I can see where Num 13 communicates " our God regins" from celebs response but I don't understand the connection to Num 15. & 19 as you concluded. Am I reading them in an incorrect way? While I believe the truths you describe of God, I am trying to memorize faith building scripture and want to make sure I am studying accurately. Thx!