Saturday, June 27, 2015

Control Tower

My long-time friend Gordon Ferguson has just released a new edition of his book, The Power of Spiritual Thinking, in which he has an added several new chapters. One of those deals with “doubting your doubts,” and in it I was struck by this quote:

“The funny thing about us is that we're desperately afraid of losing control of our lives, even to God (especially to God) and in the guise of holding on to control, we are absolutely controlled by doubt, fears and, therefore, ultimately by Satan. We fight to maintain control so that no one else can control us, which means that we relinquish control to Satan. Amazing, isn't it?  By holding on to control… we relinquish control, 100%, to our worst possible enemy.”

His comments, as usual, are spot on. So many people live in fear of either not being in control of their lives and of being controlled by someone else. But in the process they unwittingly yield to the malevolent power in the universe that has not even the slightest interest in their good or anyone else’s.

When all is said and done, each of us really has control over only one thing: Who we are going to be controlled by. We may not like the sound of that, but in reality it means we still are in control of the most powerful decision of all.

We have a choice. We do sit in the control tower. We can yield ourselves to a faithful, compassionate and generous God who has all kinds of plans to work for good in our lives. Or, we can assert our independence, say with Mr.Sinatra, I will do it “My Way,” rebel against God’s will and yield ourselves to ourselves confident in our great intelligence, vast understanding of life and great knowledge about the future. Humm.

Gordon is right. If you have doubts about God’s way, doubt your doubts.

Gordon’s book is available from Illumination Publications.

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  1. Thanks Tom for another insightful, yet concise, Mind Change Moment, which helps me focus on God and his will for my life, rather than rely on my own "intellegence, experience and knowledge".