Monday, October 12, 2015

Low Battery; Please Charge!

Please don’t think I am complaining, but so much of my life in this era is spent making sure that any number of devices get recharged. There is my cell phone, my Kindle, my Bluetooth headsets, my Chromebook (which I am using to type this), my electric shaver, the cordless house phones, and, because of my MS and at the top of my list, electric mobility devices (usually known as scooters or powerchairs) that keep me moving from point A to point B.  

On top of these, I have some other devices that require rechargeable batteries, and I have to keep these ready to go.  Again, I am not complaining about any of these things that makes my life easier. I am just reflecting on how important “recharging” is in my life.

I mentioned my Bluetooth devices. Through a company mix up, I ended up with two of them and they told me to just keep the extra one. I try to rotate them to keep them charged, but from time to time one will run low, causing a woman’s voice to be activated that almost shouts in my ear, “Low battery; please charge!” I feel like saying, “Please forgive me!” Occasionally, I still use a digital camera that I bought before I had a smart phone. I picked it up the other day and pressed the power button. It apparently had just enough juice to put on the screen: “Battery Exhausted.” It needed some of those rechargeables.

We are not devices. But like our gadgets, we run down and get depleted.  Something in us cries out “Battery exhausted; please charge!” In our case, sleep always helps, reviving the body and the mind, but we need more. David wrote: “He leads me beside quiet waters. He restores my soul…” (Psalm 23:2).  Life is taxing. Physical and emotional challenges wear on us. We need to be recharged in the deepest of places, and God alone can restore our souls and renew us in our inmost being. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God?”  (Psalm 42:2).


  1. Thanks for this, Tom. There are so many things these days that demand our attention and can pull us away from making sure we let God "recharge" our own spiritual batteries! I love these scriptures, and I thank you for this reminder!

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