Monday, January 25, 2016

Hanging on His Words

This week’s post was written by my wife, Sheila.

When I picked up my Bible today, my eyes fell on the following passage:

“Yet they [the chief priest, the teachers of the law and the leaders of the people] couldn’t find any way to do it [kill Jesus] because all the people hung on his words.” (Luke 19:48)

The statement that “all the people hung on his words” hit me. It seemed like a modern day idiom. I doubted that this is what it literally said. So, I asked my husband, Tom, “Is this an exact translation of the phrase ‘hung on his words’”? He looked it up and said, “Yes it is.”

Hum-m-m, what would it mean—that the people hung on his words? They held on tightly to his words because they were amazed and mesmerized by them. They had never heard such riveting teaching or such understanding of their minds and hearts.

They didn’t realize that these words came from The Word. And The Word came and lived among them to impart truth and light and life.

I reached over and put my hand on my Bible, my oldest and my favorite. This book contains the truth about how to live. We need to hang on to these words and never become complacent about them or trivialize them.

We need to live as he lived, day in and day out. We must hang on to his words because he hung on a cross to reveal them to us.