Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Perfect Gift

This week's moment comes from Sheila, as will be obvious.

Our family draws names for Christmas every year (only 87 shopping days left). Then we try to figure out the best $30 gift we can buy—hopefully one that will be just right for the intended person. No socks, ties, or fruit cakes allowed!

When we open our gifts, we, of course, want to know who they are from. We take turns unwrapping so we can enjoy each other’s gifts. After all, Christmas is certainly not a time to be focused on ourselves.

Even though he never draws my name, there is someone who gives me the best, most wonderful gifts…year after year. Beautifully wrapped and infinitely expensive.
Likely you also receive gifts from him.
The gifts: “Grace and Peace.” From: God our Father.” (Philippians 1:2)
I love to read the tag: “to Sheila, from God.”
These two gifts are my most treasured. I need them more than anything else.
His grace forgives me over and over and over and over again. And his peace encourages and strengthens me time after time after time after time.
I enjoy seeing others as they open their gifts from God. I rejoice with them over receiving perfect gifts—just as I do.
Our God is the Great Giver.
Today I want to focus on thanking him for all he has given me. And I want to reflect his giving heart to all I meet.
Thank you, God.


  1. What we will gracefully give for Christmas as gift -

  2. I had a birthday yesterday Tom and felt this way as I reflected on the life He gave me. As a reminder I took the opportunity and used 2 words more than I have in one day. I said or texted Thank You. Begining with Him, then John and the numerous loved ones He graciously gave me as gifts. Gratitude for the gift is like lovin life. Amen