Sunday, March 13, 2016

"Hard"ly True

I remember sitting on our basement couch in Concord, Massachusetts, circa 1997 and writing out a simple description to sum up the challenge of life. Later on I did a message on what I had written. But that night on the couch I listed four points:

1. Life is hard.

2. It is not too hard.

3. It is good that it is hard.

4. We can rejoice even when it is hard.

Please look at these again. What do you think? Do any of these thoughts resonate with you? Can they all be true? Does the Bible back them up?  Any effect oor han you? 

Love to have you weigh in. Please keep your response concise.

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  1. Your thoughts have always resonated and helped in my spiritual growth. These resonate more and more as I age. I know these points to be true. #4 is the hardest, but the more I know of and about God the more real it becomes. When I implore got to bring encouragement amidst the hard, he always does...but often in unexpected ways. I love the scripture Paul writes...amidst his difficult situations...about light and momentary afflictions that aren't worth comparing. 2 Cor. 4:17. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Like #4 , we can rejoice in the Lord!
    Phil 4:4

  3. 1. Yes...100%
    2. True...but it doesn't often feel that is true. Sometimes it seems too hard.
    3. Good as measured by what God is striving to accomplish - that I be conformed to the image of his Son (Romans 8:28ff)
    4. That's the "by faith only" goal. I know I can and I need to, but I don't always.

  4. Like #4 , we can rejoice in the Lord!
    Phil 4:4

  5. I was diagnosed with cancer last year.
    Life is hard!

    I stayed in a cancer center where there were many more patients sicker than me.
    Life is not so hard (for me)!

    During treatments and the accompanying nausea, fatigue etc...learned to lean on God and other people (my amazing husband aka caregiver) so much more, even when I didn't want to and was bitter, I still had to.
    It's good that life is hard!

    A year later, I'm grateful that this wake up call made me change my lifestyle, nutrition, and bad habits which has made me healthier and molded my self-reliant, undisciplined character. I got closer to my family. And as of 3 months ago, the cancer is completely gone!
    I can rejoice in Christ, even when life is hard!

  6. This is all true. Life is hard whether you are a disciple or not. Life is not too hard because life could be worse. It is good that it is hard because it gives us an opportunity to grow in the Lord and that our character is being stretched. We can rejoice in our sufferings, and we can just rejoice in the Lord.

  7. When life is hard, those are the times I've felt so near to God. To paraphrase James 4:8-10: "Come near to God...
    grieve, mourn and wail... humble yourself and he will lift you up." I'm so thankful that God loves and cares for me when I'm hurting, no one escapes hard times.

  8. From Glen in San Diego:
    1. Yes. A part of this life.
    2. When "hard" becomes a season of life.
    3. The world says No. The Bible says hard or "trouble" produces good-things in us.
    4. Yes. Personal experience.Romans 5:3-5

  9. 1. Agreed!
    2. With God...Agreed!
    3. Having many times experienced God's wonderful working power (usually recognized after the fact)...Agreed!
    4. Really, I mean REALLY trusting that God is in control even during the hardest of hard times...difficult, but Agreed! James 1:2-3
    The level of "hard" is a perception driven by many factors. Choosing to rejoice as one of the factors...well, a habit I'm still trying to develop.

  10. I am drawn to the first idea: Life is hard. I fought against that for years, holding to "the abundant life" that I so wanted. I finally submitted to the fact that God is great, life can be abundant AND life is hard!! It was such a victory to finally realize, yes, it is. And that's okay. In fact, it is essential in helping me recognize how desperately I need God. Life was hard for Jesus, so why wouldn't it be for me? It took some time for me to realize the paradox. Life is precious, glorious, abundant and yes, it is HARD. Today I celebrate the victories, the sunny days and I prepare for the hardships. I rely on my faith, convinced that God is in control, I am in his care and He will see me through.

  11. 1. Yes it is self evident. But I am encouraged by God's acknowledgement of the fact. Genesis 3:17-19, psalms, John 16:33, Acts 14:22

    2. Yes. Matt 11:28-30, 1 Corinthians 10:13

  12. The difficulties of this life remind me how much I need God and others. This is a very good thing for me because i am naturally self reliant. The harder life becomes and the more I depend on God, the greater joy I experience. 2 Cor 1:9-11

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